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By integrating Ringover into Praiz, you’ll be able to:

Automatically import Ringover recordings into Praiz
Play back recordings directly in Praiz
Now, let’s move on to integrating the tool


You’ll need a Ringover Business or Advanced account in order to use this integration.
The integration needs to be installed by a Ringover and Praiz administrator account
The same email addresses must be used for Ringover and Praiz
Recordings must be enabled in Ringover

Enable the “After-Call Work” webhook

Head to your Dashboard and go to the Webhook section, then enable the “Call Event” webhook by enabling the toggle:

Enter the following URL: into the “After-Call Work” webhook

You need to replace the Company Name with the one found on your Praiz Homepage here:

get the Company name from Praiz

Generate an API key

Follow these steps to generate an API key the link

Go to the Ringover Dashboard, on the API section :
Click on Generate an API key
Name your API key
Make sure to toggle ON the rights in both Read and Write for everything

Create a Ringover API Key for Praiz

Connect Ringover with Praiz

Go to, the website for Praiz

Click on the Company tab, then on Integrations, and then click “Install” next to Ringover and paste the API key that you generated previously

Connect Ringover and Praiz

There you go, your integration is up and running. You can now find all your Ringover recordings in your Praiz interface!

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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