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How to connect Praiz and Aircall ?

Here is a video tutorial to guide you through the configuration steps:


Your need to be an admin on Aircall to configure the integration

All users must use the same email address on both Aircall and Praiz


Or follow these detailed steps :

From your aircall Dashboard, go to [Integrations & API](

Click on the second tab "Discover integrations" and scroll down to find Praiz or click this link

Click on Praiz

Click on Install integration

You will be redirected to your Praiz account:

Click on Install on the Aircall integration card :

click on Add numbers to select which numbers should be connected with Praiz :

select the numbers, then click on Confirm :

validate by clicking on Add numbers

You will see a success notification, confirming the integration between Aircall and Praiz is successfully configured ✅

You can double-check it from the Integrations panel, you can see the integration is ACTIVE :

Updated on: 17/07/2024