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Connect Google Meet with Praiz to seamlessly import all your Meet recordings.

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Connect Google Meet with Praiz


Before we start, please check that :

  • each Praiz user have a folder named “Meet Recordings” in Google Drive if the user don’t have one yet, he/she can either :

    • record a Google Meet (here is a tutorial than explains how to record Google Meet meetings) start a please create one / please ask every user to create one If you start a recording from Google Meet, it will automatically create)

  • you should have access to your company's Google Cloud Console ➡️

  • you should have access to your company's Google Admin Console ➡️

  • the Call Recording feature in Google Meet must be activated for all users (configure it here)

How it works

Service accounts are a special type of Google accounts intended to represent a non-human user that needs to authenticate and be authorized to access data in Google APIs.

We use these Service accounts to connect smoothly to your Google APIs, without disturbing your users.

To make sure the setup process goes smoothly, please make sure to carefully follow each step of this tutorial in the same order and that you meet all criterias.

1️⃣ Service Account creation in the Google Cloud Console

At this step, you will create a Service Account in the console Google Cloud Platform. 👉🏼 click here to login

  • Create a new project in Main Menu > Home > Dashboard > Create Project[or click here] dedicated to Praiz. You can give "Praiz" as the project name.

NB: If you already have a project and you want to use it, simply select it and go to next point.

From now on, we consider that you are using this freshly created project.

  • There are several paths to create a service account. The simplest way is to go in Main Menu > IAM & Admin > Service Accounts > + Create Service Account. You should see this page :

Here are some useful informations on how you can fill the fields :

  1. Service account details

    • Service account name : You can put "Praiz" because this service account will be exclusively be used by us.

    • Service account ID : You can keep the randomly generated ID.

    • Service account description : You can add some information to describe the purpose of this service account.

  2. Grant this service account access to project

    • You can add some roles but not needed for our case.

  3. Grant users access to this service account (optional)

    • It depends on how you manage access for your users, but you can choose who has access to this service account to view/edit it.

Great job ! Your Service Account is created but a few more steps are required.

  • In the same page, click on the new Service Account to edit it :

  • Now we need to authorize this Service Account to access to your users data by enabling *Google Workspace Domain-wide Delegation.*In Details tab, at the bottom of the screen, you will need to copy the unique ID later for Step 3 in Google Admin Console.

2️⃣ Google APIs activation

In this step, the goal is to enable some Google APIs libraries that Praiz needs to import calls. We'll need Google Calendar API to import informations about the meeting, Google Drive API to download the record file of the meeting and Admin SDK API to fetch infos of your organization members.

👥+ 📅 + 🗂 = ✨

If you created a new Project, then Google Drive and Google Calendar APIs are by default disabled. You just have to enable them. To do so, go to Main Menu > Marketplace, then :

  • Search for "Google Drive API" in the search bar

  • Click on the first result “Google Drive API” (or click here)

  • Click on Enable to Activate the API.

  • Repeat the same process for Google Calendar API by searching for "Google Calendar api" . (or click here)

    • Type “Calendar” in the search bar and confirm

    • Click on the Google Calendar API result (or click here)

    • Click on Enable to Activate the API.

  • Repeat the process one last time for the Admin SDK API by typing "Admin SDK API” (or click here).

Click on Enable to Activate the Admin SDK API.

  • The required APIs are now enabled! 🎉

3️⃣ Delegate domain-wide authority to your service account

To access user data on a Google Workspace when domain delegation is enabled, the service account that you created needs to be granted access to Google APIs by an administrator for the domain.

To delegate domain-wide authority to a service account :

  • Make sure you are logged into your Google Workspace domain's Admin console (or click here to login)

  • Go to **Security > API controls and in the Domain wide delegation section, select Manage Domain Wide Delegation (or click here)

  • In the API clients section, click on Add new and a pop-up will open.

There are 2 steps in this pop-up :

1. Retrieve your client Client ID (we got if from Step 1️⃣) and then copy/paste it in the Client ID field :

2. Copy the following text In the OAuth scopes field :,,,,

Finally, click on Authorize

4️⃣ Generate Private Key

We will now need to generate a private key.

Please go back to your Google Cloud Platform in IAM & Admin > Service Account and go to Keys tab.

There, click on Add key and create a private key pair in JSON format.

Once the file is created, download it in a safe place 🔐.

ℹ️ Keep in mind that the same key file can not be downloaded again. If you lose your private key pair, you will need to create a new key pair.

5️⃣ Connect Google & Praiz

This is the final step!

We only need your Service Account JSON key pairs to connect it with Praiz.

  • If not done already, Create your Praiz account : > Sign up

  • Fill all the informations necessary

  • Login to Praiz : > Log in instead

  • With your Praiz Admin account, go to Settings > Integrations

  • Click on the Import .json file button

  • Upload the .json file you downloaded at the previous step

That’s it, Praiz & Meet are now connected 🎉

Once you have completed these steps, the integration is now active, all your recorded Meet calls will be replayable in Praiz.

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