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🆕 Pipedrive integration
🆕 Pipedrive integration

Connect Praiz with Pipedrive to automatically log calls and meetings.

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Pipedrive CRM integration

ℹ️ This integration has been released in August 2023 and is still in Beta phase, please let us know if you encounter any issue or if you have any feedback to help us improve the already great Praiz <> Pipedri experience!

This native integration between Praiz and Pipedrive will save you time, you won't have to manually log calls or meeting notes anymore!

What you can do with this integration:

  • log your Praiz recordings under the right Pipedrive contact

  • log the recording notes and AI-powered summary into a note

  • add a replay URL link into so you can replay your calls from Pipedrive

1️⃣ Browse our CRM integrations

  • From the Settings tab, click on the tab CRM to configure our CRM integrations

2️⃣ Select the Pipedrive integration

  • Click on See All Integrations and then select Pipedrive

3️⃣ Authorize Pipedrive

  • Click on Authorize Pipedrive

  • then click on Allow and Install

That's it 🎉


Still got questions?

Don't worry, our team of experts is available to help you, feel free to ask us anything in the chat or send us an email to [email protected]

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