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Don't know where to start? No worries, we got you covered!

Here are a few actionable tips you can easily implement to kickoff your coaching culture within your team.

Weekly Replay Session

Organize a collective call replay session frequently, ideally every week to help your team starting the habit of replaying calls and share feedback.

💻 Remote use-case

If you can't host the replay session in the same room, you can do a Google Meet or Zoom call and share your screen with the audio so everyone can replay at the call at the same time.

Tags, organize your calls by topic

You can use the Tags to categorize a call by Team, Topic or even Lead stage.

You can filter calls by tag from the tag selector on the homepage to find interesting calls.

Rename your videos

If the video name is not super relevant, you can rename the video.

Just click on the title name and edit it.

Save time, Fast Replay⚡(x1.5 or x2)

Don't lose time replaying the full call at x1 speed, use our Fast Replay feature to play at x1.5 or even x2 speed.

Just select the speed you would like to replay the video with from the video player.


Add chapters to segment your calls, add key moments so they can be easily replayed.

To add chapters, Edit the video description, and add time-codes like this one :

01:23 - Chapter Name

Slack - Praiz integration

Never miss a notification, connect Praiz to Slack so you will receive Slack notifications every time a teammate adds a comment or mentions you in one of your videos.

Configure the integration 🗯️ : Tutorial to setup your Praiz - Slack integration

Playlists (coming soon)

Save your best calls examples into video Playlists.

You can use playlists to accelerate the onboarding of your newcomers and for trainings.

Advices for your team

  • Add a profile picture 🤳

    go to My profile > Edit profile > click on the picture to upload a profile pic

We hope these advices are helpful, please let us know what you think, you can chat with us or contact the team at : [email protected]

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