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Official Slack <> Praiz templates :

To connect your Praiz account with Slack, you can use Zapier.

Here are the steps to build a slack automation :

  • Click on Create a New Zap ⚡

Step 1

Search among Triggers

  • Select Praiz :

  • Select the Event New Video

  • Connect your Praiz account

Step 2

In the Step 2, Search for Slack and select it

  • Search for the Event Send Channel Message (it also works for Send Direct Message if your prefer to send notifications to a single-person conversation rather than a channel)

  • Connect your Slack account

  • Select the Channel you would like the notifications to be sent to

  • Populate the Message with all the infos you would like to be displayed, such as the meeting name, the meeting owner, the URL to replay it from Praiz..

  • Change the Bot Name to Praiz so it looks a bit nicer

  • Switch Auto-expand links to No

  • Add the Thumbnail as File

Notifications will look like this in Slack:

Full documentation about the Praiz Zapier connecter is available here : https://zapier.com/apps/praiz/integrations

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