With Praiz, your team will #collaborate easier thanks to the 💬 comments !

Leave a comment

To write a comment, simply click in the “Add a comment” text field and type your comment.


You can add timestamps to your comments.

You need to use this format xx:xx (with x being a digit)

 👉 For example, if you type : ”Hey @vincent, check out what the customer says at 08:25”

It will be displayed like this :

When you click on the timestamp, it will play the video at the exact time (similar to the way it works in YouTube).

Use-cases for timestamps :

  • Bookmark a key moment in a call (you can also use the Chapters for that)

  • Share a specific moment of a call : to avoid asking your teammate to replay the full call, just share the specific moment they should listen to!

Edit or Delete a comment

To Edit or Delete a comment, you can just click on the Edit or Delete button.

ℹ️ Don’t worry, you will get a confirmation pop-up before deleting a comment.
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