Structure your calls, make it easy to find back ✨ key moments within a recording.

How to create a chapter?

  • on a video, click on the Edit button

  • in the Description field, add the time-stamp where you want the chapter to begin, and the chapter’s name, following this pattern :

  • xx:xx - Chapter name

Please make sure to add a timestamp, and not to forget the space before and after the dash.

You can also add emojis! 🤗

Where are the Chapters displayed?

The chapters will then appear below the video, in the Description 👇🏼

Use-cases for chapters

Sales Pitch

You can use chapters to highlight key moments in a call, for example the steps of a demo :

00:01 - ice-breaker 🧊🔨

01:46 - demo 🚀

09:21 - objection handling 🙅🏻‍♂️

17:43 - price negotiation 🤑

29:02 - next steps 🤙🏼

Training / Onboarding

You can also use chapters to structure a video with multiple topics (YouTube-like) :

0:01 - Topic 1

2:01 - Topic 2

5:27 - Topic 3...

👉 You can click on the timestamp to go to the exact moment in the video.
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