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Praiz Slack App

1️⃣ Add the Slack app

Go to Settings
Go to Integrations
Select Slack
Click on Add to Slack

2️⃣ Configure a Slack channel for notifications

Go to Slack
On the applications menu, click on Browse apps

Go to the Apps tab
Search for Praiz
Click on Praiz
Create a new Slack channel to receive the Praiz notifications, you can name it #praiz-notifications for example
Click on Add to this channel

⚠️ You must connect Praiz with a public Slack channel, private channels cannot be used to receive Praiz notifications for now.

Add the Praiz app to a (public) channel

3️⃣ Configure Notifications

Go back to Praiz :

Go to Settings

Go to Notifications

Tick ON or OFF notifications for _Calls_, _Comments_ and/or _Mentions_

ℹ️ Please make sure that you use the same email address on both Slack and Praiz, otherwise mentions will be displayed as "@none mentioned you"

Updated on: 17/07/2024